Address:Parish Office & Church Address: 28 Ingham Road, West End or PO Box 1335, Castletown, 4812
Telephone:(07) 4771 4461
Priest Fr Rod Ward - Administrator:

Mass Times

Sunday:10am - Cathedral Church, Stanley St, Townsville; 10am - LIVESTREAM
Monday:7am - St Patrick's Church, South Townsville
Tuesday:7am - St Patrick's Church, South Townsville
Wednesday:7am - St Mary's Church, West End
Thursday:7am - St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate
Friday:7am - St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate
Saturday:7am - St Mary's Church, West End; 5pm - St Patrick's Church, South Townsville; 5:15pm - St Joan of Arc, Magnetic Island

Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish - St Mary's, West End is committed to supporting the Safeguarding strategies of the Townsville Diocese. To view the current Risk Management Strategy and Safeguarding Policy please visit


The Parish Office is open from Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5pm.  For all enquiries please contact 47714461 or email:


Cathedral Parish is planning to commence the next program for adults wishing to begin their journey into full participation in the Catholic Church as part of the RCIA program.  The Parish is asking for nominations into the program or advice on who the Parish may contact to enquire about interest.  


Cathedral Parish is also planning to set up a Parish Family Group Program which will be aligned with the Passionist Family Group Program.  The program plans activities which include all age groups with a balance og ages in each group.  This program has been very successful in other parts of Australia and facilitates families coming together in a range of activities, always within a faith setting.  We invite families who are interested to please advise the Parish Office so that we can keep them informed of progress.  Leaders from Brisbane are willing to help and assist with the provision of resources.


Public Masses in Cathedral Parish for week-end Masses have recommenced.  Weekday Masses have also recommenced.  There is no longer a requirement to book for attendance at Masses as we now are able to accept increased numbers.  On attending all Masses, a record of names and contact details will need to be recorded.  The Parish has commenced Saturday Vigil Mass commencing 5pm at St Patrick's Church 32 Hubert St, South Townsville.  We are fortunate to be able to continue with Parish weekend and weekday Masses.  We are also seeing a return to Baptisms and Weddings.  The Parish thanks all parishioners for their patience and support throughout this difficult time.  We are also aware of the personal difficulties that many have experienced during this time.  We pray for all who have been affected in some way.

Prayer resources and other important information can be found


The Parish Sacramental Program which prepares young people for the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation will commence with the first session on Saturday morning the 17 October.  The Parish has a number of children already enrolled.  There is still time to enroll your child if you wish to participate in the 2020 program. 


Training for new Readers will be conducted on Tuesday evening 17 November commencing at 6pm.  Parishioners interested in undergoing this training are asked to contact the Parish Office.


Cathedral Parish continues with Formation Training for Altar Servers.  This is conducted before the Sunday Masses and is taken from a wide range of resource material.  It is important for our servers to be confident in their offering of service to support our Parish worship.  They are generous in their service and we thank them.  Any interested in becoming new servers are invited to contact the Parish Office 47714461 or contact Fr Rod Ward after Mass.


The Cathedral Scripture Study Group has commenced and it is every Thursday from 10am to 11am.  It is held in the meeting room of the Cathedral Parish Office, 28 Ingham Road, West End.  Format: Beginning with a prayer, we will read through the Readings for the coming Sunday and following some simple guidelines, endeavour to draw from these scriptures what God might be saying to us today through His Word.  Please contact the Parish Office 47714461 if you are interested in being a part of this group.

Facebook Page

Cathedral Parish runs a Facebook page.  We plan to place details of Parish events including what we plan for Youth Groups on that page.  Parish announcements should also be available on that page.


The parish office, West End, co-ordinates all bookings for the Cathedral, and may be contacted Monday to Friday during Parish Office opening Hours 9:30am-5pm.  28 Ingham Road West End


Times available for bookings for weddings within the parish have been extended.  Weddings ordinarily have been booked for 3pm on a Saturday.  The Cathedral parish will now make times available for weddings for up to three times on a Saturday, 1pm or 1.30pm, 3pm and 4.30pm.  Weddings can also be booked on a Friday after 2pm, and on other days and times as approved by the Parish Administrator.  Priests will be made available from the Cathedral parish to conduct these weddings.  Couples are welcome to invite priests from other parishes to conduct their weddings if they so wish.

Musicians are the responsibility of the couple.  Information on marriage preparation is available from the Cathedral parish secretary.

  • Please note that confetti, rice, flower petals or similar substances are not permitted in the Cathedral, St Mary's, St Francis Xavier, St Patrick's and St Joan of Arc buildings or grounds.


Baptisms in the Cathedral parish can be arranged by contacting the Cathedral parish office.  It is a requirement for the baptism of their first baby of this diocese that baptism preparation be undertaken by the parents of the child being baptised.

"Baptisms are held every Sunday in any of our churches.  Baptism Preparation evenings are held at the Cathedral Parish Office, 28 Ingham Road West End on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6pm.


Funerals to be held in the Cathedral parish can be arranged through the Funeral Directors in consultation with the Administrator and parish office.

General Information


  • All bookings for the Cathedral are to be made through the Cathedral Parish Office, West End.
  • For all information about the Cathedral, please contact the Cathedral Parish Office, West End on 4771 4461.
  • Bookings for weddings and baptisms will be confirmed after arrangements have been made with the presiding priest/pastoral leader, and on receipt of the booking fee. Funerals will be arranged with Funeral Directors in consultation with the Administrator and the Coordinator.

Costs and Use of St Mary's

All costs for the use of St Mary's are available upon request, by contacting the Cathedral Parish Office 4771 4461.