House of Prayer & Spirituality
17 Thomas Street, Pimlico, Qld 4812
Phone: (07) 4728 9861

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House of Prayer and Spirituality: an oasis of solitude and prayer

The House of Prayer and Spirituality, nestled against the beautiful Anderson Park Botanical gardens, is a focus for contemplation, stillness and prayer in the centre of Townsville.

It is an oasis of solitude and prayer with extensive garden settings, a simple and comfortable chapel, individual bedrooms with shared bathroom, kitchen facilities and library with books, tapes and CDs.

The community of the House of Prayer maintains the contemplative atmosphere of the House which is supported by a regular rhythm and pattern of prayer.

Established in 1981 in response to the needs of those searching for a deep personal relationship with God, the 30 year history of the ministry and the community of the House has been one of growth and change. The one constant has been the vision at its heart:

                                                                   "Be still and know that I am God."

The House of Prayer community seeks to integrate prayer and action, spirit and structure, so that the contemplative dimension is evident in all its activities.

"While maintaining our basis in prayer, we reach out to the wider community and are committed to helping people towards further spiritual growth."

The House of Prayer and Spirituality provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to engage in prayer and meditation, experiential prayer workshops and personal formation. It is available for directed or private retreats for individuals, and guided retreats for small groups.

"Spiritual direction for individual prayer guidance and development is an important aspect of our ministry and is offered as an ongoing support to individuals in their prayer lives."

Today the House of Prayer is Religious and Lay people of all faiths united in a common vision contemplatively striving for a deep personal relationship with God in the midst of life and called and committed to pass that love and experience on to others.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual companionment is available for anyone who wishes to be assisted by a trained director on his or her spiritual journey. A Spiritual Director will assist the directee to hear, respond to and grow in trust and obedience to God's love. Retreats - directed, private and guided are also available. A retreat is an opportunity for a new discovery of God and self, and finding that deeper meaning in life for which we so often search.

For more information on Spiritual Direction, please contact the House of Prayer on 4728 9861


A Retreat is an experience of withdrawing from the norm of the everyday to listen to God in one's life. It is a process of solitude, prayer, scripture-reflection, liturgy-participation with the option of a daily reflection on the experience with the companioning of a Spiritual Director.


Our facilities include:

  • chapel/prayer/meditation room
  • a personal prayer/meditation space
  • individual bedrooms with shared bathroom and kitchenette facilities
  • library (books, tapes and CDs)
  • meeting room suitable for groups up to 30, with access to video/TV, AV equipment, photocopier, white-board, sound equipment, chairs, and a verandah overlooking Anderson Park.
  • all meals can be provided. (prices available)

Please contact us to see if we can help you:

  • Groups are welcome to book and use the facilities of the House, either meeting room, and/or retreat facilities. Meals can be arranged. (prices available)
  • Trained Leaders are available on request to lead prayer, workshops and retreat experiences for groups.

Charges for Use of the House and for Leadership

Retreats and Accommodation

DIRECTED RETREATS includes use of facilities, Spiritual Direction ,Air conditioned bedrooms and all meals

$80 per day

PRIVATE RETREATS includes meals, facilities,  Air conditioned bedrooms.

$70 per day.

INDIVIDUAL ACCOMMODATION (with shared bath-room facilities)

$45 per person includes a light breakfast

Spiritual Direction

Individual Sessions

By donation. As a guide - $30 per hour, according to income.

Use of House - Chapel, Lounge or Whole House

Small groups (up to 10 people) half day or evening
$105 includes tea/coffee, biscuits

Larger groups (over 10 people) half day or evening 
$125 includes tea/coffee, biscuits

Small groups (up to 10 people) full day 
$165 includes tea/coffee, biscuits

Larger groups (over 10 people) full day 
$185 includes tea/coffee, biscuits

Lunch can be arranged. (Prices available)
Discounts may be negotiated
[Booking and Price Information Last Updated: January 2012]

We are very happy to negotiate with individual groups regarding their needs and resources. Venues for larger groups can be arranged. All charges are subject to change and are negotiable. They can be discussed further with the Coordinator.

Donations over and above charges would always be gratefully received to support the ministry of the House of Prayer and Spirituality.