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Finding Your Vocation

Vocations in the Townsville Diocese

If you would like to explore your vocational choice further, please contact:

Diocesan Vocation Director - Fr Michael Lowcock
Phone: 07 49 8555  

 Diocesan Vocation Coordinator - Neil Helmore
Phone: 07 4726 3251
Mobile: 0427 047 162

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Formation for the Priesthood


A man who is interested in priesthood initially makes contact with the Vocations Director. He may then, after consultation with the Bishop, wish to proceed into a formal process of reflection and discernment. If he then wishes to continue in this direction, he makes formal application to begin training for priesthood.

Seminary formation takes place over a number of years, during which a man would undertake studies designed to help him develop spiritually, socially, intellectually and pastorally. At various stages during seminary formation there is a series of pastoral placements, through which he would taste life in rural and city parishes, while gaining insights, skills and valuable practical experience. These years of study, reflection and pastoral experiences enable him, and those responsible for his formation, to make an informed decision regarding both his suitability for priestly ministry, and his ability to make a life-time commitment to the diocesan priesthood.

Ordination is the culmination of seminary training. In the months following ordination a newly-ordained priest undertakes the final stages of his formation in preparation for his first assignment to one of the parishes in the Townsville Diocese.