Caritas Australia -  Mission and Responsibilities


Caritas Australia will work towards the creation of a world that God desires to be just and compassionate. Caritas will work for the freedom of those who are oppressed by injustice, bringing 'sight' to both those who are powerless and powerful and proclaiming to the poor the good news of their human dignity. This work will be undertaken principally through the life-giving activities of aid and development.

As God created humanity to be in right relationship, so Caritas Australia will seek to work through right relationships or partnerships to bring freedom to the world's poorest communities today. Caritas Australia will work within Australia by inviting people into a just and compassionate partnership with people who are poor. In all of this, Caritas Australia, as the Catholic Church's agency for aid and development, gives expression to the Gospel imperative to pursue justice and to help those suffering from poverty and disadvantage.


Caritas Australia will work to bring relief and aid to people whose lives have been devastated by natural disaster or conflict. Caritas Australia will work through the principles and practice of community development, supporting people to help themselves out of poverty, hunger and injustice.

Integral to undertaking these key activities of aid and development, Caritas Australia will work within Australia to engage all people in education and advocacy programs.

To facilitate the achievement of all these tasks, Caritas Australia will invite the Catholic community and other Australians to support generously the Church's justice, development and peace activities through Project Compassion, general donations and special appeals.

You can find out much more about Caritas Australia by visiting their website at The following is a brief description of the mission and responsibilities of Caritas Australia, taken from that website.