Knights of the Southern Cross


Neil Nolan (Townsville Diocesan Councillor) 
(M) 0408 315 042  (H) 07 4779 8689

Neville O'Sullivan (Townsville District Chairman) 
(M) 0459 527 106  (H) 07 4775 5245

Ross Girgenti (Ingham District Chairman) 
(H) 07 4776 0335 

About the Knights

The Knights of the Southern Cross is a layman's organisation of the Catholic Church.

It began in Australia in 1919, in Queensland in 1821 and in Townsville in 1925. It was founded at the behest of the Church's hierarchy to counteract the social discrimination experienced by Catholics, e.g. job advertisements with cna at the bottom of them (Catholics needn't apply).

The unique identity of the Order was clearly established on a basis of mutual aid and cooperation, and its efforts were directed mainly at preserving the heritage of our faith and protecting our people, as far as possible, from unjust discrimination. To achieve this the KSC worked secretly, with the members of the church's hierarchy only (including the parish priest) having knowledge of its work.


"Service and Christianity"


Today, the KSC still operates with a mandate from the Bishops of Australia, but its work is there for all to see. The Objects of the KSC have not changed. They are:

  • To promote the Advancement of Australia

  • To foster the Christian way of life throughout the Nation

  • To promote the Welfare of its Members and their families

  • To encourage Social and Intellectual Activities amongst its Members

  • To conduct and support Educational, Charitable, Religious and Social Welfare work.

These are encapsulated in its Mission Statement:

"To instill and maintain Christian moral values and ethics in society and to assist Catholics to live their faith in their roles in the family, at work and in society."

The KSC is linked, under the banner of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, with thirteen brother organisations having similar aspirations in overseas countries.

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