The Diocesan Advisory Council was established following a structural review of the Bishop's Office. The Advisory Council was formed in November 2001 as a consultative group to the Bishop on pastoral issues in the Diocese.  It meets quarterly.

The Council also assists the Bishop in establishing budget priorities for various pastoral initiatives and has a focus on evangelisation in the Diocese. The Council is charged to ensure that all ministries and apostolates within the Diocese remain alligned to the Diocesan Vision, Mission and Direction.and that the various agencies and activities of the agencies avoid overlapping and duplication and that they co-operate in areas of common interest.

The Advisory Council acts as the Executive arm of the Diocesan Pastoral Council, and oversees the direction and implementation of the diocesan vision and mission.


Bishop - Most Rev. Timothy Harris
Vicar General - Fr Michael Lowcock
Director of Catholic Education Office - Dr Cathy Day
Local pastoral Coordinator of the Sisters of Mercy - Sr Carmel King rsm
Director of Centacare Catholic Family Services - Mr Peter Monaghan
Diocesan Chancellor - Mr Len Horner (Chairman)
Diocesan Financial Administrator - Mr Bob Witty
Bishop's Nominee - Mr Brian Headford
Bishop's nominee - Ms Majella Meehan


Mr Len Horner
PO Box 6149,
Townsville Q 4810
Phone: (07) 4726 3200
Fax: (07) 4726 3212


Our Vision

 We are the Catholic Community of the Diocese of Townsville. 
We rejoice in the richness of our cultural diversity through which we become a reflection of the  Universal Church. 
Through our baptism we are called to be disciples of Jesus. 
We continue his mission with energy and commitment amid the challenges of our time. 

 Our Mission

We do this by:
Honoring the Sacred— Our Call to Holiness 
Building Right Relationships - Becoming Communities of Care and Hospitality
Caring for Those who are Marginalised 
Sharing our Faith
Acknowledging, valuing and celebrating the richness of our diversity.