Address:Parish Office Address: 28 Ingham Road, West End or PO Box 1335, Castletown, 4812; Church Address: 270 Stanley Street, Townsville
Telephone:Parish Office: (07) 4771 4461
Priest Fr Rod Ward - Administrator:

Mass Times

Sunday:7am St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate; 8:30am St Mary's Church, West End; 10am & 5pm Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, Stanley St, Townsville
Monday:7am St Patrick's Church, South Towsnville
Tuesday:7am St Patrick's Church, South Townsville
Wednesday:7am St Mary's Church, West End
Thursday:7am St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate
Friday:7am St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate
Saturday:7am St Mary's Church, West End & 5:15pm St Joan of Arc, Magnetic Island

Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish - Sacred Heart Cathedral is committed to supporting the Safeguarding strategies of the Townsville Diocese. To view the current Risk Management Strategy and Safeguarding Policy please visit

Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Office is separate from the Catholic Diocese office.  The Catholic Diocesan office number is 07 4726 3200.

For assistance or to donate furniture please call VINNIES on 1800 846 643






Cathedral Parish is planning a Men's Group gathering on Friday 6 December commencing 5pm at St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate.  This is an informal gathering where all topics are open for discussion.  Drinks will be available.


Cathedral Parish will conduct Australia Day celebrations on Monday 27 January 2020. Mass at 8am will be followed by a barbecue, cricket and other sports at St Francis Xavier, Railway Estate.


Parking for Cowboys Home Games is being planned at St Francis Xavier which is a 5 minute walk from the stadium.  Spaces will need to be booked for $10 per home game or $100 for the season of 12 games.


Sacred Heart Cathedral weekly Scripture study and prayer group continues to meet during the season of Advent.  Parishioners and other people interested in deepening their faith are warmly invited to join the Cathedral's weekly scripture study and prayer group.  Each week we read, study, discuss and pray over the texts for the following Sunday.  This is excellent preparation for the Sunday liturgy.  Readers and Cantors will find it particularly helpful.  The sessions be held from 10:00 - 11:30am on Thursday mornings at the Parish Office next to St Mary's Church, West End.  If you are interested please contact the parish office: 47714461; Jackie Crocker: 47263266 or or simply turn up.


Cathedral Parish has recently acquired a piano which is situated in the hall of St Mary's.  We also now have a functional set of drums and cymbals.  The Parish is planning a young adult group (post school age) and/or a young persons' musical group.  If you are interested, please contact Fr Rod or the Parish Office.

Parish Youth Group

Please consider a leadership role in the Parish Youth Group.  All young people are welcome to join the Group.

VOLUNTEERS - Powerpoint

The Parish is asking for volunteers to help with the PowerPoint presentations at some of the 10am Sunday Masses at the Cathedral and also with help to open the Cathedral for the 5pm Sunday Masses at the Cathedral.  Please contact Fr Rod or the Parish Office if you can help.

Facebook Page

Cathedral Parish runs a Facebook page.  We plan to place details of Parish events including what we plan for Youth Groups on that page.  Parish announcements should also be available on that page.


The parish office, West End, co-ordinates all bookings for the Cathedral, and may be contacted Monday to Friday during Parish Office opening Hours 9:30am-5pm. 28 Ingham Road West End

Cathedral History

A brief history of Sacred Heart Cathedral

In January 1892, the Church of St Joseph on the Strand collapsed into a small creek, which had become a raging torrent after a downpour, described as "practically a waterspout", struck Townsville. It was after this, and a series of other calamities, that the decision was made to build the main church in Townsville on the foundation of rock on Castle Hill. The foundation stone for the new Church of the Sacred Heart was laid on 7 October 1900 and the church was completed and opened on 16 November 1902. It remained the parish church until it was consecrated as a Cathedral in 1930, when the Diocese of Townsville was divided from the Diocese of Rockhampton.

To mark the 75th Jubilee of the Diocese, Bishop Michael Putney commenced the $3 million project to refurbish the Sacred Heart Cathedral. The Cathedral was closed on 1 August, 2004 and reopened 23 June, 2006.

Worship in Sacred Heart Cathedral, CBD 

Sacred Heart Cathedral 
270 Stanley St 

The Cathedral is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (access is on the right side door of the church) and 9.00am on Sunday mornings.  Cathedral is open one hour before the wedding time on a Saturday.


Times available for bookings for weddings within the parish have been extended.  Weddings ordinarily have been booked for 3pm on a Saturday.  The Cathedral parish will now make times available for weddings for up to three times on a Saturday, 1pm or 1.30pm, 3pm and 4.30pm.  Weddings can also be booked on a Friday after 2pm, and on other days and times as approved by the Parish Administrator.  Priests will be made available from the Cathedral Parish to conduct these weddings.  Couples are welcome to invite priests from other parishes to conduct their weddings if they so wish.

Musicians are the responsibility of the couple. Information on marriage preparation is available from the Cathedral parish secretary.

  • Please note that confetti, rice, flower petals or similar substances are not permitted in the Cathedral, St Mary's, St Francis Xavier, St Patrick's and St Joan Arc  buildings or grounds.


Baptisms in the Cathedral parish can be arranged by contacting the Cathedral parish office. It is a requirement for the baptism of their first baby of this diocese that baptism preparation be undertaken by the parents of the child being baptised. 

**Baptisms are held every Sunday in any of our churches.  Baptism Preparation evenings are held  at the Cathedral Parish Office, 28 Ingham Road West End on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6pm.   


Funerals to be held in the Cathedral can be arranged through the Funeral Directors in consultation with the Administrator and parish office.

General Information


  • All bookings for the Cathedral are to be made through the Cathedral Parish Office, West End.
  • For all information about the Cathedral, please contact the Cathedral Parish Office, West End 4771 4461.
  • Bookings for weddings and baptisms will be confirmed after arrangements have been made with the presiding priest/pastoral leader, and on receipt of the booking fee. Funerals will be arranged with Funeral Directors in consultation with the Administrator and the Coordinator.
  • Toilets are located at the rear of the Catholic Centre.
  • Please note that if the Cathedral is not left in a clean and tidy condition after use and furnishings are not replaced correctly, an additional fee may be charged.

Costs and Use of Cathedral

All costs for the use of the Cathedral are available upon request, by contacting the Cathedral Parish Office on 4771 4461.