Environmental Audit

The following resource can help you think through your organisation's 'environmental friendliness'.

Environmental Audit


Diocesan Environmental Awareness Team (D.E.A.T)

Local Contact: Paul Lucas
Phone: 0439 199 680 
Email: plucas@tsv.catholic.edu.au

Catholic Earthcare Australia

Catholic Earthcare Australia serves as an 'executive arm' of the Bishops' Committee for Justice, Development, Ecology and Peace. It acts as an advisory agency to the Australian Bishops' Committee on matters ecological.

CEA DirectorBernard Holland
24-32 O’Riordan St
Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone:(02) 8306 3116
Email: catholicearthcare@caritas.org.au
Website: www.catholicearthcare.org.au

CEA has the task of advising, supporting and assisting the bishops in responding to Pope John Paul II's call "to stimulate and sustain ecological conversion" within the Catholic Church in Australia and beyond.

ECO-awareness audit

ECO-awareness audits help improve the health of the environment, and can also save you money

An eco-awareness audit involves a close examination of the way your domestic, community, parish and work practices affect the environment. Your investigation will help you discover ways you can make your home or community more eco friendly. This is a fact finding exercise. Getting things changed will take time. You will need to work very closely and co-operatively with people such as family members, work colleagues, administration, ground and maintenance staff, tuckshop managers and those responsible for policy. Below is a list of questions to give you an idea on the sort of things you could investigate:

  • Do you have a Vision and Mission statement that includes ecological awareness, concern and respect for the earth?
  • Do you know how much water you use? What is it used on? Can you see evidence of waste? Are conservation methods put into practice, such as low water use native gardens or water tanks?
  • Has your energy use increased in the last five years? Do you know the reason?

To participate in an extensive ECO-audit, visit the Catholic Earthcare website: http://www.catholicearthcareoz.net/

We must never lose sight of how we have been created: from the earth and from the breath of God.